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Right of Way debris removal
(encampment cleanup)

Debris Removal and Management

Chemical Vegetation

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Who We Are

GBVMS is recognized as the “Hard Hitter” in Vegetation Management throughout the Western United States. We deploy specially trained crews and top of the line equipment; each crew and each piece of equipment explicitly selected and sized to meet the specific demands of each job.

We’ve covered thousands of miles of track and completed everything from small regional jobs to multimillion dollar projects. We use the best, most specialized & targeted equipment, efficiently deploy crews and get boots on the ground to provide a “scorched earth” end result while upholding the highest environmental and safety standards.

The People, Equipment & Know How to get the job done.

What We Do

Right of Way Debris Management
Brush cutting
Chemical Mowing
Specialized Targeted Spraying
Tree Climbing, Trimming, Chipping & Removal
Aquatic Vegetation Management
Encampment Removal
Trash Clean-up and Haul-off
Security Fence Repairs and Installation
Management, Surveying, and Reporting
Bare Ground Results

Covering the Western United States

People, Equipment & Knowledge To Get The Job Done!

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What We Do

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Our People

We have an experienced team made up of seasoned vegetation, utility, and railway industry professionals who have successfully maintained thousands of acres and can effectively manage your project.

Our Equipment

We use top of the line equipment to keep our crews safe and get the best results. Our specialized & targeted equipment ensures that your budget is hyper focused and efficiently managed to get the job done.

Our Mission

We constantly work towards and expect to provide safety, clear and comprehensive communication, and bare ground results.

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