What We Do

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Who We Are

Here at GBVMS we specialize in Right of Way Vegetation Management. We have over 25+ years of combined experience in the industry, a proffesional staff consisting of Landscape maintenance, Landscape construction, Herbicide application, Tree management, and supported by a dedicated office consisting of multiple accounting and business management degrees.

What We Do

Mowing, Brush cutting
Pre- and Post- emergent spraying
Trash Clean-up and Haul-off
Tree Removal and Trimming
Tree chipping, Mulching
Aquatic Vegetation Management, Spraying
Tree and Brush Hand Cutting
Security Fence Repairs and Installation
Tree and Land Treatments
Management, Surveying, and Reporting

Our People

We have an experienced staff coming from a wide variety of backgrounds in the vegetation and Railway industries. We have the abilities and contacts to complete nearly any job request sent our way.

Our Values

We believe in being honest and reliable with our customers and contracts. This means giving you accurate estimates, and following through on them.

Our Community

We love making new contacts and partnerships with other companies. This allows us to reach out for extra advice and/or services should we need the help to complete a particular contract.

Our Standards

We believe in achieving 101% customer satisfaction. We take pride in providing you with the absolute best service that anyone else in the industry has to offer.

Our History

The founder of GBVMS, Brian McDonald, has been in the vegetation management industry for 16+ years and has formed the relationships, contacts, and experience to face any problem that might be thrown our way.

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